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Flashdance Performing Arts students have the privilege of studying the Worlds leading Ballet Syllabus , the Royal Academy of Dance. The RAD have developed wonderfully comprehensive Grade by Grade system that develops a sound technique, equipping students with the tool needed for Dance in all genres. The UK based RAD now operates in over 85 countries, with around 250,000 candidates sitting RAD Examinations annually worldwide. 


Flashdance offer classes in 3 streams of the RAD

Pre School Ballet - Ages 2-4 years & Ages 4-6 years

This wonderful introduction to Classical Ballet is the perfect way to start a tiny dancers journey with Classical Ballet. 

This half an hour class has no Examination attached but is packed with beautiful Ballet fundamentals and exercises to spark the imagination. 

The Graded Syllabus - Pre Primary through to Grade 8

The Grades Syllabus provides a dance education focusing on developing technical, musical and performance based skills. FDPA offer 2 classes each week for children to prepare. While the degree of difficulty may only increase slightly from grade to grade, the importance is placed on whether the student is performing the steps with Improved technique. The principle behind this, is that if enough time has been spent achieving optimal technique before introducing new vocabulary, the easier it is for the student to learn harder steps. Exercising basic technique to the maximum at all times is the aim. 

Vocational Syllabus - Intermediate Foundation through to Advanced. 

The Vocational Syllabus provides a high level and an in depth study of Classical Ballet, preparing students for further studies in Classical Ballet. The Vocational Syllabus is technically demanding and comprises of only Classical Ball and Pointe' Work. Students studying the vocational syllabus are expected to achieve a high level of technical and artistic ability in ballet and can take a great deal of time and commitment to reach the standard required to pass these examinations. Students do not need to cross over to the Vocational Syllabus, as the Graded level continue on to Grade 8. 



​Whether you have studied other Syllabi previously, the RAD is makes for an easy transition for any student. The fluidity and grace of the RAD make it not only a wonderful syllabus to teach, but an even more wonderful experience to learn. 

Heading our RAD Ballet classes is our Ballet Master, Mr Brian Nolan - Former leading soloist for the Australian Ballet Company, Registered RAD teacher, RAD Chairperson

Lainie Farello - Artistic Director and CEO of FDPA, Panel Member of the RAD Victoria, 



​FDPA is fortunate to be able to hold annual Ballet Exams for students, at our stunning, fully equipped studios in Sunbury. Students sitting their Examination must partake in a minimum of 2 Ballet classes per week, and achieve a high

technical understanding and standard, approved by the Ballet master by May each year to be entered for an Examination. 

Alternative options are available for those students starting out and not yet confident to sit an Examination, or not yet ready for an examination is the RAD Class Award. This Award is prepared in the same manner as the Examination, only without the inclusion of a graded mark. Students are still seen by the same Examiner and Awarded a certificate with comments from the examiner and medal.

We are very proud of the Achievements seen to date in our RAD exams and look forward to many years of high achieving within the Ballet Department of FDPA.


FDPA offers Extension Ballet Classes for all age groups. Classes are open and under the instruction of leading Master Coaches, FDPA Extension Ballet classes offer a forum for those students wishing to further their Classical repertoire.



If a student at FDPA is serious about there classical training, they may be eligible for Private Classical Coaching. Private sessions may focus on Exam work or on repertoire for Classical or Character Solos for Competitions. There are limited spaces available, so students must pass approval and be a part of a minimum of 3 Ballet classes per week.

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