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Does Flashdance have an end of year Concert for students?

Yes, Flashdance has an annual concert in November & December each year. These are the most memorable days of the year for our students.  A fully comprehensive FDPA Calendar is provided with all Performance dates, Competitions, Vocal Performances, Ballet Exams, Presentation Night, School Rehearsals, Ticket Sale Dates and any other relevant date to help you plan and co-ordinate your year. This way families are not surprised by unknown dates. 

Does my child have to participate in end-of-year performances?
We strongly encourage all FDPA students to participate in the end of year Showcase. We call performance time our 'Game Day'. Without a chance to play our game, just as children in sporting communities do. the countless hours of training never have an end mark. All students love to perform, with it being the very reason for taking classes in the Arts to begin with. Concerts run for 2.5 hours including an intermission and display some of Melbourne's most incredible up and coming talent in the Arts. 

Do they have to participate in all scheduled rehearsals?

Yes, students must be available for all rehearsals. This includes 2 rehearsals held at the Flashdance studios and one at the theatre venue. This way students are well prepared for the big day. We not only consider being ready physically but being aware of your surroundings plays such an important part in the safety of all students. 

How Do Costumes Work at Flashdance?

Each year Flashdance presents new works in each age group over each genre at concert time. We costume in co-ordination to this, and see amazing results from the detailed preparation that goes into costuming at Flashdance. Competition students will begin building their end of year showcase wardrobe from Term 2. As new repertoire is built we will invoice families for the new costume designed specifically for the piece being created. Competition classes maintain a high standard of of grooming and performance works. These costumes come to you complete, ready to wear and of a beautiful quality, accurately fitted to each child perfectly.  All recreational classes will see new costumes for the showcase in December invoiced out in Term 2 at a heavily reduced rate for all recreational classes. 

Flashdance offer, a costume bank from week 1 in Term 1 for all families, instalment payments, or once of payments. If you are working to a strict budget we have a plan that works for you. 

How do I purchase tickets for Vocal and End of year Showcases?

There are 2 Vocal Showcases held each year at Flashdance and tickets can be purchased through Tri-Booking once the notification has been sent to you via the private Facebook Messenger groups set up at Flashdance. This is to ensure Flashdance families receive priority sales. We then do a public post for anyone wishing to come along and watch a showcase. 

End of year concert tickets for both Elite and Junior showcases are sold at Flashdance. Ticket sales opening date is marked on our yearly calendar along with concert dates for you to pre prepare family and friends to come and watch the wondrous works displayed by students of Flashdance! This system allows us to ensure all families have had the chance to purchase tickets to see their children, monitor ticket sales, and touch base with families to answer any questions they may have about this exciting and busy time ahead. Face to face contact is a wonderful thing and at Flashdance we take the time to touch base with all families through-out the year. 

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